This bowl has many talents, ranging from a colorful salad to a hot dish.


Risotto with peppers and fennel

On rainy and gray days, there’s hardly any food as comforting as cheesy risotto! And it’s easier made than you think.

On top: cottage cheese-herbs-tomatoes

Being German, I love bread. Pure, but also with things on top. For bread with something on top, our language has dozens of different words, depending where you are from. The topping can range from simple to elaborate things and this section is a dedication to that.


Sometimes morning breakfast just needs to happen quickly. When in doubt, go for THIS COLOUR!


Basically I will eat anything that contains cardamom. It reminds me of a cold-‘n-snowy trip through Sweden beyond the Arctic circle, coffee on a rooftop terrace in Morocco and crisp-clear mornings in NYC’s Bryant park.

Chickpea salad

I had this salad several times as a take away from my local supermarket, but figured it shouldn’t be too difficult to make it myself. Indeed, quickly made, cheap, delicious – and perfect to take away


I’m a total breakfast person. If I don’t get breakfast, you wouldn’t want to be around me as I get super hangry. Starting the day with yogurt and self-made-granola is just perfect.