On top: cottage cheese-herbs-tomatoes

Being German, I love bread. Pure, but also with things on top. For bread with something on top, our language has dozens of different words, depending where you are from. The topping can range from simple to elaborate things and this section is a dedication to that.In the region my family is from, we would call a slice of bread with something on it “Schnittchen” (diminutive of slice), “Stulle” (which might also refer to a sandwich, i.e. with another slice of bread on top) or “Knifte” (which is mainly used if you happened to have cut your bread in real thick slices, either on purpose or due to a lack of skills). When I was little my Grandpa made me “Schnittchen” for dinner, a slice of bread cut into nine square pieces. Even today, bread cut in nine pieces has something comforting to me. I guess just because of the effort it didn’t actually need to taste good.

For years I would just not think about it much and just grab anything that’s near (cold meat cuts, cheese). Until I discovered how much transformation happens, if you add parsley instead of boring salad leaves. Since then I have fresh herbs around almost all the time, just for topping bread or salads or just any dish. With the herb-transformation I also started to look out for combinations what to put on bread. Living in NYC for a while, where the bread doesn’t matter and people put a ton of filling on bagels and sandwiches, my dedication has certainly increased.

This example of a Stulle is definitely among the easier ones.


2 slices of bread (if I have no self-baked around, my go-to-staple bread is potato bread!)

2 cherry tomatoes

1/2 a pack of cottage cheese (using the light 0.1% one)

10 leaves of parsley

some cress

freshly ground sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


I think you can figure out how it works 😉


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