This bowl has many talents, ranging from a colorful salad to a hot dish.

I love this bowl, because it is so versatile! You can prepare this dish as a salad, as described below.

You can also add (leftover) Basmati rice in case you crave some carbohydrates.

And you can enjoy it warm and add chicken or shrimps!


1 avocado

1 mango

1 red pepper

1 handful cilantro (or another herb you like)

1 spring onion

1/2 a cucumber

Salt, pepper

For the dressing you can use some sesame oil (or another oil you like) with soy sauce or lemon juice or white vinegar.


Just chop and mix it all together, add the dressing and let it rest for a few moments to let it soak through. If you want to bring it along for lunch, maybe leave out the cucumber. If you prepare it as a warm dish, first cook your meat/fish, then add the peppers, mango and spring onion, avocado and herbs go in at last. You can additionally season it with ginger and top it of with some sour cream if you like.


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