Waffles! With yogurt and ground hazelnuts

Sunday is my baking day. Hence: Waffles! Quick and easy to make, plus a great way to use some leftover ingredients.

When baking, I try to go low on sugar and fat, as I feel most recipes contain way more than needed.

Also, I usually use substitute spelt for wheat flour; it’s a more traditional grain that’s said to be more easily digestable and to contain more vitamins than wheat flour. Not that this turns waffles into something healthy, but well… Also for those gluten intolerant, spelt is not a great choice as it contains more gluten than wheat. Some people say, spelt flour tastes a bit nuttier, but honestly I can’t taste a difference at all.


for seven waffles

150 g spelt flour

4 g baking powder

100 g ground hazelnuts

50 g sugar

5 g vanilla sugar

2 eggs

150 g yogurt

75 mL milk

50 g butter


  1. Mix all ingredients for 3 minutes on highest speed of your mixer
  2. Cover waffle iron with a bit of butter before baking the first waffle
  3. Bake them at middle temperature for 2 – 3 minutes, just as you like them

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  1. Oh, these are so adorable! Love the addition of ground hazelnuts – I’ve used almond flour, too!

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    1. Gianna says:

      Sounds delicious! I like how nuts can give a twist in taste so easily!

      Liked by 1 person

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