On top: Cheese, cheese, marmelade, berries!


My aunt makes crazy marmelades and their best purpose is on top of some cheese!

When I eat cheese I never ever put butter underneath. If it’s mild cheeses, I’ll just have plain bread, if it is stronger cheeses (like in this example),  I will put cream cheese. Never be afraid of picking one  that has an actual flavour, it often works out amazingly!


ciabatta bread roll – when the cheese is adding a lot of flavour, I prefer to go with decent bread as a base

cream cheese with green pepper – the pepper is a great addition to the cheese’s savory-ness and also a great counter balance to the marmelade

Marmelade of your choice (In my case it was: Pear-orange-ginger-barberry-chili-mint. Told y’a, crazy combination. But havenly)

Tête de Moine cheese – literally translated “Monk’s head”. That’s a Suisse cheese that I’m always excited about when they have it at the supermarket. The cheese itself is donut shaped, with a hole in the middle. Instead of cutting slices from it, there’s a special device to shave off cheese from the top. That’s how it gets his frilled look.

Strawberries – often you’d go with grapes to accompany cheese, but I feel that strawberries are an even better choice.

All together is like a taste explosion



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