Creamy potato asparagus soup

Contrary to my mum, I’m usually not the a soup person. Because usually they leave me unsatisfied and still hungry. This soup changes everything. Advertisements

Pea Strudel

A nice way to pack some protein in a portable – and delicious – way!

Prepped lunch jars

I’ve been experimenting with batch lunch cooking. Here are three favourites.

Chicken-avocado-quinoa bowl

When I lived in New York, I kind of forcibly cut back on carbohydrates, discovering I felt much fitter without it. Since then I look out for protein-rich meals. This is one example.

Chickpea salad

I had this salad several times as a take away from my local supermarket, but figured it shouldn’t be too difficult to make it myself. Indeed, quickly made, cheap, delicious – and perfect to take away