There’s hardly any drink that gives me a similar Italian vacation feeling! Since someone told me it’s super easy to make, I had to give it a try.

Simple tomato soup

With April weather in May, this warm and colorful soup can cheer things up at least a little bit.

Banana pancake

Some mornings are just better when you have pancakes. Especially if they are as simple and quick as this one.

Buckwheat lemon noodles

Lemon sauce works basically with any kind of long & thin pasta — stemming from Italian cuisine, this combination with Japanese noodles is my new favorite though.

Chicken-avocado-quinoa bowl

When I lived in New York, I kind of forcibly cut back on carbohydrates, discovering I felt much fitter without it. Since then I look out for protein-rich meals. This is one example.


Spring. Is. Here. Foodwise: The first strawberries, the first asparagus – I couldn’t walk past them in the grocery store and had to eat devour it immediately.